Fat in Roe

Roe: Fat (grams)

Roe, Cooked (3 oz)
7 g
Roe, Raw (3 oz)
6 g
Source: USDA National Nutrient Database

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Fat Values for Similar Foods

Milkfish, Cooked (10 ounces)
25 g
Monkfish, Cooked (10 ounces)
5 g
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15 g
Ocean Perch, Atlantic, Cooked (10 ounces)
5 g
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5 g
Pompano, Cooked (10 ounces)
35 g
Rockfish, Cooked (10 ounces)
5 g
Roe, Cooked (10 ounces)
25 g
Roughy, Cooked (10 ounces)
5 g
Sablefish, Cooked (10 ounces)
55 g
Salmon, Atlantic, Farmed, Cooked (10 ounces)
35 g
Sardine, Canned in Tomato Sauce (10 ounces)
35 g
Trout, Rainbow, Farmed, Cooked (10 ounces)
20 g
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50 g
Shark, Battered and Fried (10 ounces)
40 g
Sheepshead, Cooked (10 ounces)
5 g


Roe Nutrition Facts

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