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Olive Loaf
Olive Loaf: Fat (grams)

Olive Loaf ()
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Source: USDA National Nutrient Database

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Fat Values for Similar Foods

Honey Roll Sausage, Beef (10 ounces)
30 g
Kielbasa, Pork and Beef (10 ounces)
75 g
Liver Cheese, Pork (10 ounces)
75 g
Liver Sausage (10 ounces)
80 g
Mortadella, Beef, Pork (10 ounces)
70 g
Mother's Loaf, Pork (10 ounces)
65 g
Olive Loaf, Pork (10 ounces)
45 g
Pastrami, Turkey (10 ounces)
20 g
Pate, Chicken Liver (10 ounces)
35 g
Pepperoni (10 ounces)
125 g
Picnic Loaf, Pork and Beef (10 ounces)
45 g
Sausage, Pork and Beef (10 ounces)
105 g
Salami, Dry or Hard, Pork and Beef (10 ounces)
95 g
Thuringer, Cervelat, Beef, Pork (10 ounces)
85 g
Turkey Roll, Light and Dark Meat (10 ounces)
20 g
Turkey Bacon (10 ounces)
55 g
Turkey Bologna (10 ounces)
35 g
Turkey Ham (10 ounces)
10 g


Olive Loaf Nutrition Facts

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