Fat in Sesame Seed Dressing

Sesame Seed Dressing
Sesame Seed Dressing: Fat (grams)

Sesame Seed Dressing (1 tablespoon)
5 g
Source: USDA National Nutrient Database

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Fat Values for Similar Foods

Blue Cheese Dressing (10 ounces)
150 g
French Dressing, Cottonseed (10 ounces)
200 g
Italian Dressing, Regular, without Salt (10 ounces)
135 g
Ranch Dressing, Fat Free (10 ounces)
5 g
Mayonnaise, Imitation, Milk Cream (10 ounces)
15 g
150 g
Russian Dressing, Low Calorie (10 ounces)
10 g
Sesame Seed Dressing (10 ounces)
130 g
Thousand Island Dressing, Low Calorie (10 ounces)
30 g


Sesame Seed Dressing Nutrition Facts

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