Fat in Pilinuts-canarytree

Pilinuts-canarytree: Fat (grams)

Pilinuts-canarytree (1 oz (15 kernels))
20 g
Source: USDA National Nutrient Database

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Fat Values for Similar Foods

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185 g
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Mixed Nuts, without Peanuts, Oil Roasted, with Salt Added (10 ounces)
160 g
Pecans, Dry Roasted, without Salt Added (10 ounces)
210 g
Pilinuts-canarytree (10 ounces)
225 g
Pine Nuts, Pignolia (10 ounces)
145 g
Pistachio Nuts, Dry Roasted, without Salt Added (10 ounces)
130 g
Walnuts, English (10 ounces)
185 g


Pilinuts-canarytree Nutrition Facts

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