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Fat in Almonds

Almonds: Fat
Almonds - Blanched -   (1 tablespoon) 4.6 g
Almonds - Dry Roasted -   (1 oz (22 whole kernels)) 15 g
Almonds - Honey Roasted -   (1 oz) 14 g
Almonds - Oil Roasted -   (1 oz (22 whole kernels)) 15.5 g
Almonds - Raw -   (1 oz (24 whole kernels)) 14.5 g
* The source of the above values is the USDA National Nutrient Database
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Almonds Nutrition Facts

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To view additional more statistics about this food, try our almonds food facts page.  Do you need to know the number of carbs there are in 13 tablespoons of almonds... or 13 ounces, or 12 cups?  Go to this page and click on the specific food item you are looking for.  Simply enter the quantity and unit value - then click 14 ounces of almonds.. or 9 cups, or 6 tablespoons.  A nutrient label for this food will be displayed on the page based on the values you added.  

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