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Calories in Cornbread

Cornbread: Calories
Cornbread - Prepared From Mix -   (1 piece) 190 c
Cornbread - Prepared From Recipe -   (1 piece) 170 c
* The values above represent calorie values from the United States Department of Agriculture.
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Cornbread Nutrition Facts

View a complete nutrition label for cornbread. Simply follow the link above and select the specific food and serving size. Our food labels include over 30 nutrition facts including Fiber, Fat, Protien, Calories, Vitamins, and more.
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For more food facts pages for 'Cornbread' visit the Fat in Cornbread page and the Carbohydrates (Carbs) in Cornbread page.

If you need to know the stats for a different amount of this food, consult our Cornbread food facts page for additional nutrition info about 'Cornbread' including vitamins, minerals, and other nutrition facts.  On this page, you can create nutrient labels online for this or any food for a specified quantity.  Use RecipeBuilder to generate cumulative totals of nutrient facts for a list of ingredients.    
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